Auto Maintenance in Las Cruces, NM

Auto Maintenance in Las Cruces, NMThe best way to keep your vehicle in top notch shape is to provide it with the factory scheduled auto maintenance it deserves, as dictated by the owner's manual. Scheduled services are designed to prevent breakdowns and keep performance at a peak. At Las Cruces Auto Doctor we are able to conduct all required maintenance for any type of foreign or domestic car, truck or SUV. Give us a call to schedule factory auto maintenance in Las Cruces the next time your car is due, and we'll ensure it's running great when it leaves our facility.

30/60/90K Services

Most vehicles require maintenance checkups every 30,000 miles. What exactly will be conducted depends on the make and model, but 30/60/90K maintenance can include safety inspections, diagnostics, battery checks, transmission maintenance, filter replacements, fluid services, belt and hose replacements and more.

Oil Change

The most frequent service that your car will need is an oil change and oil filter replacement. Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but check your owner's manual or ask our team for your car's recommended interval. Oil changes are critical to engine health, as delaying this service could result in major damage to internal parts.

Timing Belt

If your car is equipped with a timing belt it's critical to have it replaced when called for by the owner's manual. If the timing belt were to snap it would result in catastrophic damage to the motor, likely resulting in a need for a full engine rebuild or replacement. It is common for many vehicles to need a timing belt replacement between 70,000 and 105,000 miles.

Fluid Flush Services

Your car uses a number of specialized fluids in order to operate as a whole. It is important that these fluids are drained and refilled periodically to ensure they are free of damaging contaminants. This service is called a fluid flush. For your vehicle we can conduct a transmission fluid flush, power steering fluid flush, differential fluid flush, coolant flush or brake fluid flush at the necessary mileage interval.

Tune Up

In some cases your vehicle may need maintenance outside of scheduled services. This is often referred to as a tune up. Tune ups can include new spark plugs, a fresh air filter and/or fuel filter, fuel injection cleaning, replacing ignition coils or other small services that will help restore the performance of your vehicle.

Regular & Routine Maintenance SAVES $$$$

Maintenance plans as required by any/all manufacturers.

Truck Bed Liners

Truck Bed Liners in Las Cruces, NMIs your truck's bed getting dinged, dented and scratched? Have you bought a new truck and hope to prevent damage to the bed? We offer high quality AMERICAN POWER Kevlar Bedliners installed w/Kevelor lining that will provide an amazing look and maintain any truck bed. A short bed is just $600.00 and long bed trucks are $800.00. Give us a call to learn more.

When it's time for auto maintenance in Las Cruces, it's time to call our team of experts. We promise your car will be running great when it leaves our shop. Give Las Cruces Auto Doctors a call at (575) 526-2741 to schedule superior auto care!

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