Top Signs it May be Time for an Engine Rebuild

Top Signs it May be Time for an Engine RebuildFinding out your car could need an engine rebuild is one of those things you never want to hear as a car owner, but sometimes it's the best way to keep you on the road in a reliable vehicle. Engine rebuilds are far more common than people realize, as they can revitalize the heart of any car or truck. If you notice any of the following signs of engine trouble you'll want to visit a trusted auto shop as soon as possible to find out your options for repair.

Metal Flakes in the Oil

One of the most common signs that your engine is not operating right is if there are metal flakes in the engine oil. It is easiest to identify this problem during an oil change. Metal flakes in the oil drained from the vehicle generally indicate harsh and damaging friction between the moving parts inside the engine.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

Is your car producing excessive amounts of colored exhaust? Blue, gray, white and black smoke can all be indications of internal engine trouble, such as worn piston rings, damaged valve seals, oil leaks or other mechanical damage in the engine.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise that rises and falls in sync with the engine RPMs is a sign of worn engine bearings. If these bearings, which support the motion of moving engine parts, are not replaced they could seize, resulting in catastrophic engine failures.

Oil Leaks

While a loss of oil doesn't necessarily mean that your vehicle will require an engine rebuild, it is a sign that repairs are needed. Any loss of oil can cause increased wear and tear inside the motor, so don't hesitate to have that leak checked out, no matter how small it is.

Poor Performance

A loss of performance can indicate all sorts of trouble, ranging from minor to major. A big problem would be a loss of compression that makes your vehicle struggle to run at all. An engine rebuild will be necessary to restore driveability. In many cases a rough running engine can be repaired by conducting a tune up, such as replacing spark plugs or cleaning the fuel injectors.

Engine issues should be taken serious, as the longer you wait to have them addressed, the more expensive they will become. If you notice that your car is struggling to run and believe it may be time for an engine rebuild in Las Cruces head to Las Cruces Auto Doctors. Our certified technicians perform this service in house using high quality parts. To learn more about these issues or to schedule engine repair in Las Cruces give us a call at (575) 526-2741 today.

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