Common Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

Common Symptoms of Transmission TroubleThe transmission in your car is a very intricate mechanism that is designed to transfer the power created by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission is unable to do its job it can result in your vehicle being unable to move. Before it gets to that point you'll likely encounter one or more of the following symptoms of transmission trouble. At the first sign of a transmission problem be sure to visit your local auto shop for further diagnostics.

Grinding Noise

Any strange noises that occur as your transmission shifts need to be looked into by a professional mechanic. The most common cause of this is low transmission fluid, which results in increased friction between the moving transmission parts. This of course causes harsh wear and tear that leads to additional problems and more expensive repairs.

Pops Out of Gear

If your manual transmission seems to fall out of gear or pop into neutral it is probable that the clutch needs to be replaced. This issue can also be caused by an engine oil leak that drips onto the clutch plate and causes excessive lubrication.

Delayed Shifts

An automatic transmission that doesn't shift between gears immediately is a cause for concern because it results in you being unable to properly control the vehicle. Delayed shifting is characterized by a high revving engine as the transmission shifts between forward gears and is often caused either by low transmission fluid or computer issues.

Can't Get Into Gear

One of the more obvious signs of transmission trouble that can happen with an automatic or stick shift car is if you simply can't get into gear. This is a more dire sign of trouble that often indicates a mechanical failure.

ransmission Fluid Leak

If you find a puddle of red fluid collecting under your vehicle it is mostly likely transmission fluid, as it is dyed this color to help differentiate it from other automotive fluids. Low transmission fluid levels can result in a number of problems, including all of the above. Remember, nothing should ever be leaking from your car so head to the shop as soon as you spot a drip.

Don't put off transmission service, as doing so will only let the issue get worse and more expensive to fix. For expert transmission repair in Las Cruces or the neighboring communities head to Las Cruces Auto Doctors. We offer bumper to bumper auto repair for all cars and trucks. Give us a call at (575) 526-2741 to request more info or to schedule superior auto repair in Las Cruces today.

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