Is it Time for Engine Repair?

Is it Time for Engine Repair?Have you noticed your car's performance dipping? Is it producing colorful exhaust? These are very obvious signs of a problem under the hood, but too often people choose to ignore them. If you encounter those issues, or any of the following signs of engine trouble, be sure to visit your local auto shop as soon as possible. The quicker you act the less expensive the repairs will be. Remember, contrary to popular belief, cars don't actually fix themselves!

Decreased Performance

If your car's fuel efficiency has dropped or if it is having trouble getting up to speed you'll want to visit the shop for diagnostics. Other performance issues include a rough idle or stalling. These problems can usually be fixed with simple tune up services, but ignoring the problem will make it worse!


Nothing should be leaking from your vehicle so if you spot a drip, drip, drip get your car into the shop. Leaks detrimental to the engine include an oil leak or a cooling system leak.

Metal Flakes in the Oil

When you have the oil changed be sure that the technician checks the old oil for metal flakes. If any are present it is likely that there is excessive friction between the moving engine parts, due to poor lubrication.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

An increase in exhaust smoke can indicate serious trouble. Based on the color of the smoke you can often figure out what sort of problem is present. Black smoke means the engine is using too much gasoline. Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil and white smoke is an indication that coolant is getting into the combustion chamber.

Knocking Noises

A knocking noise coming from under the hood could be caused by worn engine bearings, which support the movement of interior engine parts. These bearings can wear due to general wear and tear or poor lubrication and should the fail the engine will seize completely.

Check Engine Light

Don't put off check engine light diagnostics if this dashboard warning light comes on. It usually indicates a small, easy to fix issue, but if left unchecked it will grow worse and more expensive.

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Posted: April 17, 2020

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