Smells that Indicate Car Trouble

Smells that Indicate Car TroubleThere are many ways to tell that your vehicle is having trouble operating. Some of them are more apparent the others, such as the check engine light coming on. Other symbols of trouble, like leaks or noises, are also easy to detect. Another signs of trouble to be on the lookout (or smell out) for are strange odors. If you catch a whiff of any of these stenches be sure to visit your local shop as soon as possible.

Gym Bag Smell

Does it smell like dirty gym clothes in your car? This could be due to mold growth within the AC or heater vents. This is usually a simple fix, just blast the heaters on full to clear out the mold, but be sure that the windows are down as you do so!

Campfire Smoke Smell

A smoky smell can be an indicator of a worn out clutch. This smell will likely remind you of learning how to drive a stick. Of course, if you regularly drive a stick in traffic you may smell this on a consistent basis.

Maple Syrup Smell

A sweet smell is likely an indication of a cooling system leak. Coolant is a mapley smelling fluid that attracts animals, but it is also incredibly poisonous. If you do find a coolant leak be sure to clean it up as soon as possible so no pets are harmed.

Gas Station Smell

If you smell gasoline, particularly when you car is parked in a garage, it's possible that your car leaking fuel or fuel vapors. This can be extremely dangerous, so be sure to contact a mechanic right away.

Burning Oil Smell

Likewise, if you can smell engine oil, it is probably because your car's engine has an oil leak that is allowing it to be burned up in the combustion chamber. This smell is often accompanied by blue exhaust smoke.

To keep your vehicle running right always pay attention to signs of trouble, including smells. If your nose is detecting a problem and you believe it is time for auto repair in Las Cruces, head to Las Cruces Auto Doctors. Our expert auto repair technicians will quickly identify the trouble and get you back on the road. Anytime you need auto repair in Las Cruces, just gives us a call at (575) 526-2741 to schedule an appointment.

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