Top Causes of No Starts

Top Causes of No StartsWhen it comes to car trouble, there are few things as frustrating as a car that simply will not start. If any good news can be found in this situation it is that most no start situations are the result of a problem that is easy to fix. While that may not be the good news you were looking for, you can rest easy knowing that a certified auto repair technician will be able to quickly identify the issue at hand and have you on your way following a fast and affordable fix. The following are a few of the most common causes of no starts.

Dead Battery

Perhaps the top cause of no starts is a dead battery. Car batteries do need to be replaced from time to time, about every 3 to 5 years depending on the type, but in many cases a battery will die because of lights being left on or playing the radio without the engine running for too long. In these situations you can jumpstart the car and the alternator will recharge the battery.

Failed Alternator

As mentioned, it is the alternator that keeps the battery charged, so it is easy to understand that if the alternator fails the battery will soon die too. If the alternator is on its way out you'll likely encounter issues operating electrical accessories, such as power seats or windows or the infotainment system. Another common clue is dim or flickering headlights.

Fuel Delivery Problem

If gasoline can't get to the combustion chamber, the engine can't run. There are three primary reasons the fuel system may fail. The first is a malfunctioning fuel pump. The second issue is why routine maintenance is so critical, which is a clogged fuel filter. Lastly, dirty or failing fuel injectors can prevent the passage of fuel into the engine.

Bad Starter Motor

The starter motor is what gets the engine spinning when you turn the key. It does this by extending a gear to connect with the flywheel and spinning the engine. If the starter fails or begins to fail you will likely hear a loud clicking noise when you try and start the vehicle. This is the sound of the gear actuating but not spinning.

A car that is becoming increasingly difficult to start should be brought to the auto repair shop as soon as possible, as it's only a matter of time before it won't start at all. If you need professional auto repair in Las Cruces or the surrounding communities, visit Las Cruces Auto Doctors. We offer superior auto repair for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Give us a call at (575) 526-2741 to request more info or to schedule expert auto repair in Las Cruces today.

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