Top Traits of a Quality Auto Repair Shop in Las Cruces

Top Traits of a Quality Auto Repair Shop in Las CrucesIn the Internet age it can be pretty clear who is going to provide you with great auto repair and who isn't - mostly thanks to reviews on Google, Yelp and other sites. But one or two angry customers can hang high over what would normally be a full 5 star rating. It is important to look deep into a business to truly understand their capabilities and passion, especially in the auto repair industry, which is stung by stereotypes of unfair practices. To ensure that you're going to get the service that you and your car deserve, find a shop that holds these characteristics!

Longevity in the auto repair business

When a business survives for multiple decades they must be doing something right. An auto repair shop will quickly go under if they are not able to provide their customers with safe and reliable service at an affordable price. Seek out shops that have been open for more than a decade.

Locally owned and operated

To ensure you get great customer service you ought to stray for chains. Independent auto repair conducted by the shop owner and their team means they're not just there for a job. They are passionate about auto repair and really enjoy helping their friends, neighbors and other community members.

ASE Certified Technicians

You should always ensure that the shop employs technicians that have an ASE certification. Automotive Service Excellence is the auto repair industry organization that tests the skills of new mechanics. This blue seal means you'll be getting service conducted by highly trained professionals.

Modern diagnostic equipment

For fast and accurate repairs it is best to trust a shop that utilizes state of the art computer assisted diagnostic and repair equipment. These types of tools allow technicians to quickly pinpoint trouble in order to get it taken care of quickly.

Factory scheduled auto maintenance

All vehicles require routine maintenance and if your car is under warranty and you want it to remain so, you need a shop that can offer factory services. As a dealership alternative, a facility will be able to keep your car running great and your warranty valid.

What auto repair shop in Las Cruces holds these qualities? Las Cruces Auto Doctors, of course. Our team of ASE certified auto repair technicians have been providing service to our community for decades! To learn more, or to schedule quality auto repair in Las Cruces, don't hesitate to visit us or give us a call at (575) 526-2741 today!

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