What are the signs of brake failure?

What are the signs of brake failure?As you go about your daily driving routine, you just never know when a drunk or distracted driver might fly right through a stop sign. In that frightening moment, you need your braking system to function flawlessly. When you first notice an indication of brake trouble, you'll want to bring your vehicle to the shop for a thorough inspection. Here's a look at six common signs that you need brake repair.


If the small piece of metal attached to the brake pad begins rubbing against the rotor, then a high-pitched squealing sound could emerge. Sometimes, drivers ignore this symptom of trouble, but it is one that should be promptly addressed.


Grinding in your brakes suggests that your pads have completely broken down, which can make your discs vulnerable to damage.

Veering to One Direction

Corrosion can cause a caliper to seize, which can consequently cause the vehicle to veer to one side when the brakes are engaged. Not only is this a mechanical issue, it also poses a safety hazard because you no longer have complete control of your vehicle.


The vibration could be occurring because of warped rotors.

ABS Light Illuminates

ABS is short for anti-lock braking system. If you see these letters light up on your dashboard, then an issue has been detected in your brakes. At this point, you'll want to get to the shop for an inspection and diagnosis.

Brake Fluid Leak

For optimal braking system performance, it's important to always drive with a healthy fluid level. When brake fluid leaks, it often accumulates next to a tire or beneath the master brake cylinder.

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Posted: June 15, 2020

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