What are common signs of a transmission problem?

What are common signs of a transmission problem?Because minor transmission issues are known to drastically worsen within just a few miles, it's important to get your vehicle to the shop at the first sign of trouble. By acting quickly, you can hopefully save yourself from very expensive repairs. Here's a look at six signs of transmission trouble.

Gear Slippage

A classic sign of transmission trouble is that your vehicle suddenly pops out of gear while you're driving along. This issue can sometimes be remedied by getting a transmission flush, but there's also a good chance that this will require more in-depth attention from a mechanic. When gears are slipping, you no longer have total control over your vehicle, so you'll want to act quickly to address this safety hazard.

Rough Shifting

If your car lunges or shakes during shifting, then there's a good chance that the transmission is running on worn-out parts that are due for replacement.


Grinding in a manual transmission is a sign that the clutch has started to fail. This could also indicate low transmission fluid.

Hard to Get into Gear

You shouldn't have to make numerous attempts just to get into gear. But if you do, then transmission trouble is likely brewing. This may be occurring because the clutch isn't properly releasing.

Fluid Leak

From time to time, you'll want to take a look at the pavement where your car is usually parked and see if there are any signs of automotive fluid leaks. Transmission fluid can often be told apart from other fluids by its reddish hue.

Burning Fluid

If your transmission fluid has turned darker in color or smells burnt, then you'll want to have a mechanic conduct an inspection so the underlying issue can be identified.

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Posted: September 11, 2020

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