Why Should I use an Auto Shop with ASE Certified Technicians?

Why Should I use an Auto Shop with ASE Certified Technicians?When your car begins to give you trouble and you start looking for somewhere to bring it for service, there is one qualification you definitely need to look for at the shops you're interested in: the blue seal of ASE Certification. It is important to use auto repair shops that employ technicians who have become certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. By doing so your car will be left in the professional hands of honest auto mechanics. Here is what an ASE Certifications means for you.

How does an auto technician become ASE certified?

ASE doesn't certify auto shops, instead it gives technicians the chance to become certified individually. In order to earn ASE credentials a technician must first have 2 years of professional experience. Beyond this, they must also pass at least one test in their field.

There are many tests an auto technician can take, each specializing in a certain area of auto repair, or a general test. A technician only needs to pass one exam and meet the work experience requirements to become ASE certified. Some of the specialty areas include brake service, AC service, steering and suspension, transmission repairs and many more.

Each certification will eventually expire, usually after five years.. This requires the technician to retest in order to keep up with the latest automotive technology and repair techniques as well as maintain their certification!

Using ASE techs means you know who is working on your car

When you use a shop with ASE certified employs you already know that there are professional, well trained and honest technicians in the garage. You will not have to worry about incorrect work being done on your car or truck.

Shows dedication amongst technicians

Because the ASE program is generally voluntary, unless a certain workplace requires it, you know that the technician actually loves what the do, as a technician. This means they are passionate about auto repair work and look forward to helping you keep your car running its best.

At Las Cruces Auto Doctors employs highly trained ASE Certification to ensure we can provide the best possible auto repair in Las Cruces for drivers of all makes and models. At the first sign of car trouble, don't hesitate to visit us for superior auto repair. To learn more, or to schedule quality auto repair in Las Cruces, give us a call at (575) 526-2741 today.

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