Auto Diagnostics in Las Cruces, NM

Auto Diagnostics in Las Cruces, NMThere are numerous ways to tell if there is an issue with your car or truck. If trouble is present it is not uncommon for a driver to experience odd noises, strange smells or weird shaking or vibrations. While these can often indicate what sort of problem is at hand, they don't always tell the full story. At Las Cruces Auto Doctors our team utilizes high tech diagnostic equipment and years of personal experience to quickly identify and fix all sorts of issues. What's important is that you act quickly if you suspect car trouble, as problems will only get worse and more expensive to repair. The next time your car is showing signs of trouble come see us for expert auto diagnostics in Las Cruces.

State of the Art Computer Diagnostics

We've invested in the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. This ensures that we're able to quickly understand the origin of car troubles on all makes and models, including the newest cars and trucks on the road today. While we are confident in our skills as technicians, we know that this equipment is critical to finding the exact cause of trouble quickly on today's highly technical automobiles. Our investment into the latest automotive diagnostic technology is an investment into honest, fast and affordable auto care for our customers.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can be triggered for a number of reasons, many of them quite small. While many people choose to ignore the check engine light, especially if their car seems to be running well, this is only going to allow the issue that triggered it to get worse, and more expensive to fix. For example, what could have started as a malfunctioning and easy to replace oxygen sensor, will turn into a failed and very expensive catalytic converter. As soon as this light comes on, visit us for accurate check engine light repair in Las Cruces.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Dashboard Indicator Lights Diagnostics in Las Cruces, NMThe check engine light isn't the only light that may come on if trouble is detected with your vehicle. Your dashboard is home to a variety of indicator lights that represent things such as the battery, the oil pressure system, the tire pressure monitoring system, the anti-lock braking system and others. Our team can use our computer diagnostic system to quickly figure out what's wrong with your vehicle should any of these dashboard indicator lights come on.

Performance, Sounds, Smells and Shakes

While driving down the road it is important to always pay attention to how your vehicle is operating. Dips in performance, strange sounds, odd smells and shaking sensations are all indications that something is not right. Remember to visit us at the first sign of trouble so that the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from growing worse and more expensive.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Let us check your vehicle out BEFORE you buy...cost $ 80.00, complete with list of recommendations.

If your vehicle is not operating as designed be sure to visit Las Cruces Auto Doctors. Our ASE certified technicians will quickly figure out what is wrong and get it fixed correctly. To schedule superior auto repair in Las Cruces call (575) 526-2741 and we'll be happy to help.

"Only guy in LC to return our call and didn't give any hoops to jump through. He came and worked in the dark, diagnosed the problem and didn't over charge. Highly recommend."